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The Golden Age of Babydom

We’ve reached it. The Golden Age. The pinnacle (before toddler-dom. Evidently, it’s got it’s own pinnacle…)
Our babies are just simply the best babies they can be…

They sleep through the night, for the most part, which is great.
Other milestones include:

Rolling over onto the stomach and crawling… ish.

It’s certainly ALMOST crawling… One of the great things about the Golden Age is that they stay where you put them. Or, they did.

There’s a lot of movement, when they’re awake…

But sometimes they chill…

They are eating sold food now.

They even get some of it in their mouths…

They also take your place when you get up to go to the bathroom:

More pictures:

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Tis’ the start of the season…

…and that means it’s time to go visit Santa (or, at least, the closest facsimile.) Lily seems a bit weirded-out by Santa’s beard. Sam, meanwhile, has this Christmas thing down…


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Excuses, excuses…

Someone loves their Aunt Sue
Someone loves their Aunt Sue

So, I’d like to apologize to all the Sam and Lily fans out there, both domestically and internationally (and perhaps, extraterrestrially? Hmmm?) Yesterday was their 8 week birthday and I have not posted anything in almost 5 weeks. Honestly, I have no excuses…   well except for that water buffalo incident. Believe me, I don’t believe I should be held liable for the clown shoes but we’ll see what the lawyers say.


Anyway… I don’t have any (other) excuses for not showing the world how my children have grown. Except that, frankly…   they have been kicking our asses. Seriously.


See how sweet they look here:

Look what we found in the pumpkin patch!
Look what we found in the pumpkin patch!
Someone is really enjoying picking out a pumpkin...
Someone is really enjoying picking out a pumpkin…

Well, okay….   maybe those aren’t the best examples. But, I can’t believe how tough it’s been. I mean, sure…   if we didn’t care about whether they were sitting in a dirty diaper, or if they were fed, or whether they were crying or not, it would be easy.


But we do, so really it’s our own fault.  So…   post on the blog, or keep the kids happy? Well…   there’s no choice.  


So, in the absence of postings, Sam and Lily celebrated Halloween, and voted for a new president (Just a hint: they didn’t vote for the loser). They also decided between them that perhaps getting up 3 or 4 times a night wasn’t very efficient, so they whittled it down to one (or maybe two). While I’m sure this wasn’t their plan, Mom and Dad could sleep a little easier (both because of the feedings, AND the new president-elect)   

Yes? You in the back...   a question?
Yes? You in the back… a question?








It’s also evident that the kids’ hidden talents are coming out as they get older:

I see a man...  a man with a bottle...
I see a man… a man with a bottle…
Oh, sure...   someone got shy all of a sudden.
Oh, sure… someone got shy all of a sudden. You should see her juggle.

One thing to note…   I have never had more serious conversations…   and I mean in-depth discussions, about poo, than I have ever had before in my life. Not that I’ve had many conversations about poo (and the ones I did have were pretty superfluous, I’ll admit) but the sheer quality of them recently has left me somewhat amazed. Deep, philosophical, Tao-of-poo type stuff…


Anyway, here are more pictures:

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I’m not listening to you…

La, la, la, la…

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What Happened?!?

So, it’s been a while since my last entry, and during that time two important things have happened.
1) Both my in-laws and parents came and left. They had been staying with us and were incredibly helpful doing stuff around the house, helping with the feedings, etc…
And 2) someone came in about two nights later and replaced our beautiful, calm, cherubs with screaming aliens whose sole purpose is to keep us from sleeping, eating, and keeping our lives in order.
I believe this is a prelude to invasion.

Once I discovered their plan, I was brutally attacked…

Then I discovered their primary weapon, hidden cleverly inside the Diaper Genie…

I was finally able to subdue them by discovering their weaknesses… the insidious car seat (once strapped in they can’t help but be lulled into calmness. Even if it isn’t in a moving car…)
…and, jazz hands.

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The kid’s one-week birthday is brought to you by…

Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon

“instead of sleep, try a barefoot.”

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So, I’m jealous…

…of my son’s hair.

Yes. Seriously.

You know how much people pay for this haircut?!?

Eat your heart out Brad Pitt. THIS guy was born with it!

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A rough night…

So, last night was not the easiest one we’ve had with the kids… And since there have only been 3, one of which they spent in the hospital nursey… Well, you get the picture.

I think I’m going to nap now.

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Home at last.

I can’t tell you how good it is to be home with my new family. Leaving the hospital took forever (as does everything… probably an insurance requirement or something) but we finally made it…

Leaving the hospital…

All ready to go!

Snug as two bugs who happen to have shared a uterus…

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Evidently, women like specs…

So, I was remiss in my first post, not realizing how much everyone wanted baby specifications. Specifically, all the women I know…
Now, they certainly are important, but I just didn’t realize how much. So, here they are:
Lily - 7lbs, 4 oz. 19 in.
Sam - 6lbs, 15 oz. 20 in.
Born at 4:40 and 4:42pm, 10/3/08

Eating stats:
Lily - batting about .280 Needs some practice
Sam - started slow but now about .460

Storage capacity:
Both about 500 - 1000 TB
Current usage: 300-400 MB
Software installed: Basic OS only. awaiting updates.

…and now, more pictures.


…and Lily.

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